Ich bin Kaja

What I am doing

During the years of working I have been getting many labels – from coach to healer, from business brain to wisdom keeper, you name it. But names are only smoke and sound. I believe it shouldn’t be about the packaging, but the content. Because some things just do not fit in a box. And honestly – I rather dance in the wild than sitting in a box. My doing is about the roots of your voice, not the sound, it’s about lighting your own fire, not following the smoke.

From the depest bottom of my heart, I invite you to take your seat. To get inspired, to remember, to discover you. To heal, to grow, to shine, to blossom.

Where I gathered my wisdom

I started the “spiritual bootcamp” with entering the world. After my mum was diognosed with cancer the set out on her quest and took me along – she definetly was my spiritual coach. I took my first Reiki Class with 11 and my mother created a “moon party” when I was the first in my class to have my period. My mother introduced me to all the methods she has been applying, due to my asking and wanting to understand. I got introduced to energy work, psychotherapeutical concepts, constellation work, shamanic techniques, past life regressions and the traditional celebrations of the yearly cycle before I finished high school. After I set out to travel the world, each place I visited had a lesson for me – I received initiation through the spirits, ancestors and the people I met. I moved out late, even if I set out early, and thereby had lunch with shamans, maya priestesses and other wisdom keepers. 

My left brain side asked for some more grounded methods, so I set out an became a NLP Master with Thies Stahl – who also taught me some deep insights in constellation work. I was certified as wingwave coach and extended my knowledge and practice of the method with EFT, Magic Words and imaginary constellation work. I got my diploma in Aura Analysis and Chakra Healing and certified as Reiki Master and Work Health Coach.

After gathering all these

The official short bio

( a.k.a. facts for professional credibility)

Kaja Otto is the initiator of SHEvolution and host of SoulWave Radio. As status quo shaker she supports people all over the globe to find their truth and to realign their lifes and business to it.

After struggling for years as perfectionist, workaholic and emotional eater, she found her own personal fulfillness. Today she helps her clients to find theirs through private sessions, online courses and circles.

Kaja does not believe in “either or”, but “more off”, and lights up people through her unique blend of modern-day knowledge with ancient knowing. She believes that now is the time for us to reconnect to our truth and thereby life a fulfilled and meaningful life.

Kaja holds a diploma of Educational Science from Bielefeld University, Germany and studied at University of Philadelphia, USA. She is a certified NLP Master, wingwave Coach, Work Health Balance Coach and Mental Coach. She is an ordained Priestess, Reiki Master, Chakra Diagnostician and Aura-Healer. Kaja also is certified in EFT, trained in constellation work, and an official magic words trainer. She had the unique to learn from wisdom keepers from all over the world, including the International Council of the 13 Indigenious Grandmothers. She is a Spiritjunkie Masterclass alumna of the first year spend countless hours meditating, walked over hot ccoals and danced on the vulcano. Rooted in Europe and home in the world, Kaja lives in Hamburg.

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