Juno was the Queen of the Roman gods and part of the triad with Minerva and Jupiter. She is the embodiment of absolute femininity in all its aspects.

Embodiment of the life force

Juno is the wife and sister of the God Jupiter. At the beginning, she appeared as the embodiment of youthful vitality (her name is old Latin also translated the young, the Vitale).

Therefore the month of June, named after her is also the liveliest, most of the months. The goddess Juno is reflected here at its most distinct – it is no longer the spring-like girl but the young, strong, awakened woman, who has her fertile summer life ahead of her.

Conception by the flower

Most of the mythology of Juno was lost. What is certain is that she got pregnant by a flower Mars brought God into the world. Another representation reported that she received the God Mars with their "sacred Lily".

The three-leaved Lily (the universal character of Yoni) is therefore a symbol of parthenogenic force and was applied to the Christian Virgin Mary. This too should have filtered received the "divine seed" by a lily and affiliated to born her son of Jesus. Juno was thus also the goddess who was invoked at births.

It is also war goddess Juno Martialis, because she is the mother of Mars (the God of war). It represents the fighting spirit of a mother defending her child, what was the expression of bravery after former ideals.

Epitome of femininity

Juno is the Protectress of women from birth to death as the epitome of femininity. Certain also the reproduction and the various life stages of the women. Their various aspects concerned with different areas: so she watches as Juno Populonia over the conception, monitored the birth pangs, as Juno Sospita and supports the women Lucina as Juno giving birth and brings the children to the light of day. She is a goddess of inheritances (especially history), provides for the rights of women and gives them prosperity and as Juno Moneta also money in cash coin.

The comprehensive views

As the Queen of the gods, Juno is also the goddess of entrances, passages and doors. Personified, she was depicted with two faces – and thus two perspectives. Outward on birth and new beginnings and inward on the death and the end.

Juno was the goddess of the summer solstice, which takes place in June. At this turning point in the year, she looks back on all that was seeded, has grown and has flourished and look forward to what come to maturity and thus finally again must die.

Soul of women

As the Queen of the gods, Juno accompanied all women through life and each represents a part of the essence of this goddess. Every Roman woman wore their own Juno in itself: a life-giving power, which she leads and protects. Like every Roman man wore his genius in itself.

The patriarchal language made the word Juno disappear, we continue to know the genius. Therefore the women were deprived of their soul. And the consciousness about who they are. This might explain why church councils described women in the middle ages as soulless.

Juno reminds all women that each one carries a Juno in itself, women are more or less "inspired" by Juno. Therefore woman also actually no complicated rituals to get the goddess needs, because it is in the included already the core of every woman and their impulses must be lived "just".

How to use the energy of Juno

The plant, which represents Juno is the fig, her sacred animal of the Peacock. The many eyes on its feathers are a symbol of the many open eyes of the Goddess that she watches over the women.

You can call Juno for all matters in relation to femininity.

To find a quiet place and connect with you. Symbolic to that you can take also a Peacock feather. Light a candle, which symbolizes the life-generating. Imagine Juno and you submit your request. Take your time and try to go in a dialog. And listen to the answers, they may be as quiet or unlikely. Let surprise you. Write up after you, what did you. If you like you can go once again into a meditation, a look inside after the reading of the written. Also here stay open. At the end, thank you and leave some figs or fruits as a thank you.

If you want to give your Juno I can friends put the inner wisdom meditation on the heart. There you meet your Juno, connect you with her and get a link that no longer can disappear. And thus brings to light up your own divinity.