If we let our intuition and ancient wisdom speak again, the wild freedom is returning.
There is no other way.
If something profound should change, than it will change within us and through us.

Clasrissa Pinkola Estés

I am Kaja


Travel with me to the depth of your feminine power. I take you by the hand on the path to your true strength.

Together we find you intuition and wisdom and you can reconnet with them.

For a life that you feel fabulous in, in which you are fulfilled and experience freedom.


More about me
  • Dajon Ferrell

    Dajon Ferrell

    Kaja was so amazing to work with. I've had several ideas rolling around in my head for months and it was preventing me from moving forward on any of them. She was so kind and quickly helped me hone in on my options. As she helped me get clarity, the answer wasn't the one I was hoping for, but it was most certainly Divinely guided. A couple of days later, I got an opportunity to follow through on that option. I felt so much peace after our session. You'll love working with her!