2013-11-22 17.59.31-2Hamburg weather, sun, rain and storm are playing with each other. Just when the sun peeps behind the clouds, the next wind comes around the corner and brings rain clouds. Does that feel familiar to you?

Again and again, I hear from people that this is more or less how it looks inside if them: like today’s weather in Hamburg. An exchange of emotions, varying between relaxation and stress, good humor and tension, be torn back and forth between detachment and uncertainty. But what’s always there is the feeling of not always seeing your own light.

Looking at the Hamburg weather, brings up a beautiful comparison, I often like to give as a response.

„The sun shines always, even when there are clouds in front of it. To remember this is the key to the light.“

And it is just the same with our inner light, our soulsparkle – as I like to call it. This light is always there. However, sometimes we cannot see it, because stress, mindfuck, stupid comments, a stinking meeting or criticism from others have moved in front of it. And then it happens that we forget our inner light. And thus we also forget how great and wonderful we are.

Here are 5 tips that will help you to clear the clouds hanging in front of your soulsparkle.
  1. Let go: Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Breathe in through the nose into the stomach and out through the mouth. Every time you are inhaling, imagine how you breathe in light and love. On the exhale, you blow out anger, stress and worry. Repeat 13 times.
  2. Laugh: Laughing is the same as shining. And laughing immediately creates endorphin within the brain. Stand up, stretch your arms upwards, look upwards, and smile all over your face. Hold this position for 30 seconds. During this time, the brain can flush your whole body with endorphin. And this little gentleman also loves to assist you.
  3. Listen: Do you have an anthem? A song that immediately puts you in good mood? Listen to it now. And if you want to move and open a dance break: go ahead! Check my BRILLIANCE BABE playlist or sit in the happiness time loop if you like to.
  4. Love: Write down 5 things, that make you brilliant. And that let you beam and shine. Stick the piece of paper on your monitor, on your desk, on the wall. Make sure it is a plce where you are passing by several times during the day to take a peak.
  5. Light up: You will never shone more, than in illuminating others. Share 3 compliments within the next 10 minutes. Do it in person, by mail, whatsapp or what ever you choose. Whether it is for the outfit, the great voice, the clever idea; pick whatever comes up to you. Be honest and let it come from your heart.

And if you want to have even more sun and fewer clouds in you heart, hop over to FIND YOUR SPARKLE. A very special trip on the way to your SoulSparkle. We will spend 30 days on the way to your lights. In this time we will leave the really thick clouds (let the old go) behind, you’ll get great tips and clarity and will experience a guaranteed change of your emotional weather situation. In short: you will make you soul shine again – just SoulSparkling.

In this sense, shine your light sister! Feel the sun in your soul, your SoulSparkle.