Ich bin Kaja

Hello Essence,


Welcome to my world, a world filled by womanhood, inner wisdom and a shot of woo-woo.

Welcome to my world, in which every women is invited from the bottom of my heart to access her power, in which ambitions are celebrated and in which we turn visions into wonderful truth.

Welcome in a world in which it is no anymore about fitting into a compliant box, but to free women from the old pattern and give them everything what it takes to change the world.

Together we change the world

If you are ready for a life, that does not only feel light and free, but also is flowing, sucessful and fulfilled – you are in the right place. I am here to support you in turning you soulvisions into reality.

May it be the wish for a fulfilled loving relationship, the vision of a successful business, the idea to share something special with the world – or something completely different that is still slumbering in you heart – together we birth it into reality and thereby change the world.

I truly believe that the impuls for changing the world radiates from women. Since more than a decade I am supporting women to bring their dream and visoin onto this planet, and if there is one thing I learned it would be:

The freer a women is, the deeper she feels and lives her freedom, the bigger is her ability to effect a massive change in the world.

2009 the Dalai Lama said: „The world will be saved by the western women“ and thereby created an important milestone in the consciousness change. But it was not enough for me.

The world will be saved by the free femmes.

The world will be healed by the wise women.

The world will be changed by the gutsy girls.

After trying to fit in for years and struggling as perfectionist, workaholic and emotional eater, I devoted my life to the freedom of women. I support ambitious women in finding their individual freedom on every level, so they can step into leadership. Like this the space fort he gutsy girls is created. And we will be listening tho the wise women again.

One thing which I realized during all my work and countless experiences and circles is::

Sisterhood is like a key chain.

When we as women gather with the intention to create freedom for each of us, something magiclike evolves. It changes our lifes and the world.

We hold the keys to our true freedom in our own hands. It is time to put in into lock and open the doors to a new world.

I am beyond exited to change the world with you.

Hello Essence,

I am so happy you are here. Because you are my why. Your are the reason why I am doing what I am doing. I know your truth, I see your integrity and I bow to your will to grow, to change and to live a life according to your true wishes and fulfilled by love.

And I am here to guide you exactly there.

What to expect, in short:

  • I’m in for big cange instead of small talk
  • I’m not interested in symptoms, I care for the source
  • Being a child I already wanted to know everything. Thereby I have a uncorrupted feeling for the truth. My questions aim for the core – clear and focussed.
  • With me there is no beating around the bush, but we use the time. Because your lifetime is unreturnable.
  • I am a status quo shaker; I do not believe a story just because it has been told that way for so long. I am interested in the truth behind the story.
  • If you commit yourself, I am all in to help you walking in integrity and truth.
  • Working with me is intense, it changes your life.
  • I love what I do and I love you. Because I see you. And I help you, to discover yourself.


It is an honor to accompany on your path.

Believe me, I so know how it feels, to have this feeling that there must be something more, that there has to be another way. When you have the feeling of emptiness despite the outer success. When the feeling of overwhelm kicks in while trying to share your ides with the world. When the feeling of this untapped potential within you is brewing, but you do not have a clue how to access it.

For a long time I thought it was my fault. And so I tried all I could to merge in and to become a part.

I was functioning within the system.

But the system did not function for me.

Until I undertsood, that it was the stories about how the world is supposed to be. It was the fears of the others that we sold to me as facts. It was, that I believed what was told to me, even if I knew better inside. I came to the point in my life, where I was successful on the outside living an amazing life, but inside I didn’t care anymore.

My journey so far

I am sure you also know the stories about the famous gut feeling and magic of intuition. Even Albert Einstein said:

The only real valuable thing is intuition.

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.

I was born with a strong intuition and deep connection to my soul language. Being a clairvoyant child, I perceived the world and people different from others. I was able to see tings, feel emotions and recognize connections, which were hidden to others.

At age 11 my mom send me to a Reiki class – sitting there, I was wondering why energy work had to be so complicated, because I saw the energy and did not need any symbols to activate it.

Before turning 30 I released spirit possessions, cleared ancestral lines, did energetic clearings, send dead souls into the light and most of all I used energy as a hailing force. I sang with shamans, I drummed with medicine women, I healed with energy workers. I had teachers and mentors from all over the world. But still there is one thing, true to all of them:

When we are not in tune with our soul, our life energy is blocked.

With my view of the world I always was a dark horse a child. Hoping that I might be inconspicuous and get through life with no more complications, I closed the doors. I so wanted to belong.

I quickly understood how the game was supposed to be played. I was sitting on a plane to Slovenia form y first „real job“, while my master thesis still was printed. I flew in from France to receive my diploma with magna cum laude. Shortly after I was successful in my job, I moved into a beautiful apartment with a wonderful man.

The perfectionist in me rushed me further; I became a workaholic and ignored the emotional eating. Until the moment my soul decided to knock on the door again. This time I invited her for a cup of tea. And while we had a conversation I realized:


I was functioning within the system.

But the system was not functioning for me.

And it absolutely did not work for my soul, who had no desire at all to be kept in the dusty small box in the back of my brain and slowly dying from suffocation. I realized how I was trapped in between expectations and societal conformity. All of this

In a system, that was created by men for men. 

I left the rat race. I had turned my back on my on spot intuition, my wild creativity and my unleashable power. I domesticated my wild and wise side in order to fit in. And that already happened long before I knew it.

This aha-moment moved me so deeply, that I decided to unlearn everything I was taught and to remember what was true. Through that I found my truth again.

I started designing my life according to my true wishes – even if I was told, “that won’t work”. But: just because things do not exist doesn’t mean they cannot be.

No either-or, but more

I created my precedent – I transformed my coaching practice in Hamburg into a space where I can work with people from all over the world, I work online and offline at the same time, from my home hubs in Hamburg, Vienna, New York or Phoenix.

2014 I bid farewell tot he idea of ever fitting into a box, sent my mind on a holiday and started to absolutely eavesdrop to my soul and listen to my intuition.

I freed myself.

That is how I support you: I show you how to reconnect with the wild wisdom within yourself instead of listening to the mindfuck. No more „fitting in boxes“, but creating you own space. No more „either or“, but whatever might feel good for you.

No more holding back, but the fulfillment of who you are. You will be able to find you very own path, live you truth and enjoy success and fulfillment.

I am here to change you life. So you can change you world. And together we can change worlds.

For you. For us. For all women.

There is no reason to be afraid of truth.
It’s the key to freedom.

What I am doing

During the years of working I have been getting many labels – from coach to healer, from business brain to wisdom keeper, you name it. But names are only smoke and sound. I believe it shouldn’t be about the packaging, but the content. Because some things just do not fit in a box. And honestly – I rather dance in the wild than sitting in a box. My doing is about the roots of your voice, not the sound, it’s about lighting your own fire, not following the smoke.

IFrom the depest bottom of my heart, I invite you to take your seat. To get inspired, to remember, to discover you. To heal, to grow, to shine, to blossom.

The official short bio

( a.k.a. facts for professional credibility)

Kaja Otto is a the foundress of The Soulution, host of SoulWave Radio. As status quo shaker she supports people all over the globe to find their truth and to realign their lifes and business to it.

After struggling for years as perfectionist, workaholic and emotional eater, she found her own personal fulfillness. Today she helps her clients to find theirs through private sessions, online courses and circles.

Kaja does not believe in “either or”, but “more off”, and lights up people through her unique blend of modern-day knowledge with ancient knowing. She believes that now is the time for us to reconnect to our truth and thereby life a fulfilled and meaningful life.

Kaja holds a diploma of Educational Science from Bielefeld University, Germany and studied at University of Philadelphia, USA. She is a certified NLP Master, wingwave Coach, Work Health Balance Coach and Mental Coach. She is an ordained Priestess, Reiki Master, Chakra Diagnostician and Aura-Healer. Kaja also is certified in EFT, trained in constellation work, and an official magic words trainer. She had the unique to learn from wisdom keepers from all over the world, including the International Council of the 13 Indigenious Grandmothers. She is a Spiritjunkie Masterclass alumna of the first year spend countless hours meditating, walked over hot ccoals and danced on the vulcano. Rooted in Europe and home in the world, Kaja lives in Hamburg.