2013-11-22 17.50.11

„Wham!“ – I hear a muffled bang and a „shit!“. A short time later, assemble Catenazzi and people in uniform. The only thought I have in my head is „light & love for all involved. I will send light and love for everyone.“

It’s Monday noon in Hamburg. It rains, no… pour it. I sit in remote bus to Berlin and bought my last cash quickly a small snack. It is enough to Berlin. The day started beautifully, I’ve meditated in silence, had 2 wonderful Skype sessions, am relaxed and arrived right on time on the bus. There I noticed that I have only €2 cash. But I was relaxed and, to Berlin’s are optimistic just 3.5 hours. This is already. I have a seat for me on the bus, the Internet works fine – all good. Just in time we start the trip and after 500 metres, it POPs. We have an accident and the bus can not continue. And because it violated a gives the whole process will take even longer.

When the mood shifts

I notice how it becomes restless in the bus. I have a choice: either I’m at the game myself into. The game of „Shit, now I’m late.“ From „Oh no, then we have to change later.“ „Oh how stupid, must the baggage be… charged to then Yes again“. I can start to annoy me, cursing, internally to cramp. To think: crap I will come too late, my food is not enough, I have… how stupid the charging cable in the case. And to spend the start of my week with bad temper.

Your mood, your decision

Or I decide just to send me a light and love. Is the person who was injured on the bus driver, who has a shock, anger with his company gets and get under pressure, to the driver of the van who was hit and now in the pouring rain. At the policemen who capture the accident sequence and document. And also to all the people who sit in the bus and start to get angry.

So, I imagine myself as a white cloud of light and love to the involved forms as the quickest and best solution for all parties involved find can also in this muddled situation and concentrate on this moment. Because this is the only one I’ll ever have. And I can decide how I want to spend it. In love or fear and anger. And again, I opt for love.

My secret of serenity

I write my appointment, that it will be later, I’m grateful about it that I have Internet and I healthy and sit in the dry on this bus. I’m going to trust that a solution will be found. And think of the serenity mantra, which has helped me so many times: give me the strength to change the things I can change. The serenity to accept the things I cannot change. And the wisdom to distinguish the one from the other.

I am grateful that today I succeeded. Because I want to shine and sumpfen not in darkness.

In this sense, I wish you a wonderful week.

Where is it to stay friends hard left? In what situation can you distinguish the last time one of the other?