It is the New Moon, the perfect time to gather and dive deep into the feminine frequency of creation.

On the night of the new moon we are coming together as women and we will leave as a circle of sisters who remembered their divine power and connection.

The new moon is like a spiritual initiation – is asks you to follow you highest inspiration and devote yourself to your light and love. It invites you to let go of old mistrust and open for the blessing of the universe. And to become the channel of what wants to work through you. It is the perfect moment to come together for transformation, healing and sisterhood.

Together we are diving deep into the „feminine Frequency“ – the energy that allows us to manifest full of power, that connects us to our original power and through which we remember the wild wise woman within us.

We step into the room of deep femininity, where it is so much more than just an idea, but to be experienced immediately. We will connect with the ancestrial line, our own power and the potential of our future. You`ll experience how it feels to be connected to the feminine fire and the feminine flow and to awake your creative power center.

The focus of this SHEvolution Experience is to feel and embody. We are using the power of the circle and you`ll gain clarity. For your next steps, for your being, for what grows within you.

You will feel your feminine force. You will gain access to you manifesting magic like never before and recognize it.

Feminine Frequency is more that a women circle. It is an experience, an awakening of your feminine being.

Use the moment.

Dive into your deepness.

Rise in your power.

Experience your power.

Awake your fire.

Become who you are.

New York, NY

Sat, 17. March 2018

4:00-6:30 pm

Manhattan, Upper Westside

There is a max of 10 seats..


San Diego, CA

MidApril 2018


There is a max of 10 seats..

Phoenix, AZ

Sun, 15 .April 2018



There is a max of 25 seats..


The next SHEvolution experiences in the US will take place in summer 2018!

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I am so grateful for the space you have been creating for us. Already the warm welcome and your happy and loving way creating a save space. I never expereicne such a crystal clear “opening” and “introduction”, everything you shared so openly about the setting and the WHY – how you chose the pieces for the center – just really supported my quick arriving. And it allowed me to open up immediately.
I really had the pleasue of taking so mch from this experience, new impulses, fresh perspectives and ideas. And I experienced a deep opening towards my spirit animal, the raven. All of this in a save, very comforting and guided  space. Thank you so mich for being such a miraculous tourguide. Simply amazing.
Daniela Schmidt
Daniela Schmidt

Inhaberin, Lichtzeit

My biggest aha-moment happend during the journey with our ancestors. It was the deep understanding of a topic I have been carrying around for years already. Realizing that it did not belong to me, but somone in my lineage, allwoed me to release it. Letting it go deeply moved my.

I was “unsure” that there might be predjudices and conviction – but you are creating such a loving, giving space on eye level that there was no option it would occur. I feelt well received and warly welcomed immediatly.

I was touched by the diversity of the women and their energy. The hugs we shared are still dear to my heart, since it was the first time we all met each other. And I love it!

Making the experience that women are truly able to create a space like this with no effort, just from the honesty of their hearts moved me. Just by connecting. That is so beautiful!

Lara Keuthen

It was truly magical. I felt so extremly comfortable. It was really special, because normally I don´t feel good on groups.
Carolin H.

Es war von Beginn an ein Gefühl von ZUHAUSE sein, so dass auch gleich da die ersten Tränen kamen, die in letzter einfach so oft aus mir heraus wollen. Wunderbar, dass ich alles raus lassen konnte und durfte.

Als ich auf Toilette war und dabei in den Spiegel geschaut habe, wusste ich, dass ich wieder da war (mir kommen gerade die Tränen, da es einfach nur wunderschön ist).

Bei den Umarmungen war es für mich wunderschön die unterschiedlichen Verbindungen zu den einzelnen Frauen zu spüren und damit ist die Hoffnung gekommen, dass man sich hoffentlich wieder begegnet.


Für mich wirklich magisch ist die Verbindung der Frauen untereinander. Obwohl man sich nicht kennt und das erste Mal sieht liegt ein großes Gefühl von Verbundenheit und Vertrautheit in der Luft. Ein sehr warmes offenes Gefühl aller Frauen untereinander. Ein Raum offen für alle Frauen und ihre persönlichen Geschichten, Ängste, Freude und Leben.

Da ich bislang Circles nur online mitgemacht hatte, war meine größte Angst sich in einem Kreis „face-to-face“ zu öffnen. Gefühle zuzulassen und sich unter Umständen mit seinen Schmerzen oder Angst zu zeigen.
Aber diese Angst war vom ersten Moment an verflogen.
Ich danke Kaja, dafür, dass sie mich und hoffentlich noch ganz viele andere Frauen dazu ermutigt zusammen zu kommen und sich gegenseitig zu tragen.




Feminine Frequency