agriculture-1729_640Let’s do the good news first: after all the hustle we were having during the last months, this month will be a bit more calm. It’s new moon in Taurus on October 27. And after having a look at our relations for new moon, the full moon on the ax between moon in Taurus and Scorpio in sun offers a perfect setting for looking at our values.

What was in it for you in 2015?

Looking at the season helps us to get an idea of the actual momentum. The harvesting is don, the fruits of the year are lying in front of us, nights are getting slowly longer, things are getting calmer. This is the perfect moment to have a look at the things you already reached or accomplished this year. This is the moment to ask yourself, if what you harvested is what makes you happy. Use this full moon to not only focus on the material realm, but also on the things you cannot grasp. We often learned to define ourselves by visible things. But is this what really counts? Are these things what makes us feel safe and secure?

What is it, that counts for you?

Here are 3 tips to use the „value-moon

Counting the crop

Make an inventory of this year’s harvest. It helps to have paper and pen ready. The easiest way to do it is to take your agenda and flip through it month by month, writing down everything you took with you. It doesn’t matter if it was a pay raise, an aha-moment, a friendship, a bouquet of flowers, a new piece of furniture or a new habit – just write down everything crossing your mind.

After going through all the months, you want to take a new sheet and cluster the things your wrote down, e.g. “money”, “heat-moments”, “spirituality”, “health”. Take a look at your overview. Some of these fruit needed quite some time before being ripe, others might have been a fertile wonder. Focus on your emotions while seeing your harvest of 2015 in front of you. What’s crossing your mind? Write down your thoughts.


Have a look at your harvest overview. This full moon put the focus on values. Which of the things do your find valuable. Which are the one you define you value by? Which are the ones important to your heart. Which are the ones important to your head? Does this thing make you happier, hipper, more relaxed, or healthier? GO through each point and reflect what it means to your and what it does with you? Then create an honest list of the 10 points that truly make you happy and make your heart smile. Think of how you can bring more o fit into your life.

Helping Hands

Each year the farmers take on helping hand for doing the harvest, because there is no way to do it alone. Who help you harvesting this year? Who might have seeded the seed, which blossomed this year? Write down each person. And than it’s time for „Thanks-Giving“ – on a personal level, via message, e-mail, letter or a ceremony. Say thanks to everyone who help you getting in your crops this year. You might want to you’re a phrase like: “Dear …, I am truly grateful, that you… Because of that I was could / got / was able to… To me this means, that I can have / I am / I can ….

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

I am wishing you a rich harvest with an excellent selection and that you will be able to create an amazing wine. Let me know how the steps worked for you.

Love & Light,