„Go big or go home!“-I’ve heard the sentence the first time when I was in a workshop on founding idea. At that time, I was a participant and have dared me on the road to independence. In the 2-day workshop was to Polish the own business idea, to validate and then also present. We were a bunch of diced together, combined with the desire to make something of their own legs. At one point it was an idea to write a. And one of my colleagues said: ‚I love your idea. But honestly: GO BIG OR GO HOME! „.“ This set has burned me. Even though I long time somewhere left it in the drawer of my subconscious mind, so he remembered last year again at the feet. And now, 7 years later I can say that this phrase has become one of the most important in my business and my philosophy of life.


We see only that, what we can imagine. People thought there is only white swans, until they saw the first. Our brain needs us virtually as his personal trainer, to venturing ever further out, to remain flexible and to capture the unthinkable. Because the bigger I trust me to think my game room becomes greater, the more my comfort zone widens, the more I walk to the front. True the motto:

If your dreams don’t worry friends, they are too small

Because as long as you can be completely relaxed, you are still in your comfort zone. And therefore outside your „zone of brilliance“. You move while in doubt up front, but only with really small steps. To enter your „zone of brilliance“ is the „Oh my God“-impulse to follow. Thoughts such as „Ui, which is now but big“ and „Blatantly, that’s not possible“ as pulse generator for it to take, to engage in exactly this way. And there’s a wonderful trick to find out whether you should or not do something, by the way.


While your mind is a great servant and your heart the compass holder, your belly the soothsayer. Whenever it is necessary to make a decision, he can predict friends, what is the right choice. And he also knows that your dreams are correct. With these 3 steps.

  1. Find a quiet place, don’t a candle, look out relaxing music, close my eyes and breathe 3 times on and off. Feel how your stomach feels.
  2. Allow you to open your mind. Concentrate on the point between your eyebrows and let your dream in your mind’s eye be true. Coloring in you in all colours, noises or smells take and review do not.
  3. If you complete your image, feel in your stomach into: How does it feel now? He pulls himself together? Then, it is something still not consistent. It feels as if he expands – then it means Let’s go! Follow your dream, write what you saw, make yourself a vision Board or tell friends of them.

And for decisions it helps to simply introduce you to flip a coin. If you see then internally, as number of hits, your belly betrays friends directly, whether the choice is right or wrong.


Also I had to first learn: too big there is no, it exists only in our imagination. Also I have abided by long himself back, various reasons. Because I wanted to kick others on the feet, thought I don’t really deserve something great or my ego is gegrätscht me in between. A year ago I reminds me of the set and made a decision. And since then, my life has turned around 360 ° and the journey has only begun. When I’m unsure I no longer ask: „What’s wrong?“. But I now wonder: „How I can make even bigger, more colorful and great it?“. And then I go my way. In my full size.

How to guess at the thought? What dream do you think back?