life 864359_1920On Sunday November starts, and this weekend, the curtains between the worlds are so thin, as no other times throughout the year. Samhain, Halloween, all saints… quite a nimberof celebrations gathering on one date. What all these celebrations have in common, is the focus is on the deceased and our ancestors. Traditionally the dead have been seen as gone first rather than diappeared from this world. They are the ones who wake upon us and wait for us, when it is our time to take the next step.

„You’re here as the result of the prayers of your ancestors.“

I received this sentence from a Lakota and he has shown me how we are connected to each other. Our ancestors are the root, from which we come, parents, grandparents, great-grandparents… Many indigenous traditions say that we are connected with the 7 generations before us.

Here are 3 tips on how you can use this energy.


Become aware of the cycle of life and go for a walk in nature. Look around you. The leaves of the trees are slowly turning brown, falling to the ground and becoming soil that nourishes the tree again. Everything is connected within the eternal cycle. Go to nature and find examples for this cycle. And if you find a particularly nice leaf or pine cones, take them home.


Use this weekend to learn more about your ancestors. Ask your parents for stories, talk to your parents about their ecperiences and their grandparents. Search for common ground and find moments or characteristics that connect you with them. Focus on the things that were carried on through time and love.


Collect photos, memorabilia and whatever reminds you of your ancestors or what connects you with them. This can be an image of the place of birth, a symbol of their profession or something similar. Arrange everything in one place, where you can leave it until the new moon on 11/11. Decorate the place with candles and things from nature. Light the candles to honor your ancestors, say their names and thank them, that you’re here now. Connect with them in the heart. Then sit in silence – or with quiet music in the background – close your eyes and ask them for messages. Whatever comes, may it be a word, picture, feeling – don’t judge. Write down what you perceive. Then say thanks.

For the next 11 days – up to the new moon –  just try to keep the connection and to light a candle for your ancestors every day. Let yourself be surprised by what’s happening or coming up. Knowing that you are loved and supported.

I wish you wonderful deep moments.