milky-way-916523_1280It’s new moon on October 13. This New Moon is in Libra, which represents relationships, harmony and sense of beauty. Since the new moon always stands for a new beginning, it is the perfect moment to set the right intentions for your relations. The three following steps, which are built on each other, will show you how.

How do your relationships look like?

Like that, we are taking advantage of the energy of Venus in Virgo, which helps us to analyze situations and to carry out an inventory.

1. Overview

This step may take a little longer than 30 minutes. So take enough time or plan for a number of short intervals.You need paper, pen, cell phone / address book, a candle.Light the candle, set your focus, while closing your eyes, and take three deep breaths in and out. Then you take the paper and draw a point in the middle. That point symbolizes you. Write „I“ about it. Now you start gradually draw in all the people who pop up in your head. The closer they are to the point, the closer they are to you. Distant acquaintances rather find their place on the edge of the paper. You can also create groups, such as the names of your family or colleagues. Do not stop before your head is empty. Then take your phone or address book and see whom you might have forgotten or hidden. Complete your relationship chart. When looking at the result: How are you looking at it? What do you notice? What you feel uncomfortable? What do you like?

2. Suckers or shiners?

Depending on how your chart looks like, you can “re-do” it in a more clean way. Now you go through it and mark everyone on it with a “Shiner”, someone that helps you shine or “Sucker”, someone that sucks your energy. You can use a heart and a cross or different colored dots. Important: do not dwell too long, but proceed quickly and intuitive. As soon as the head begins working, justifications or excuses pop up. If necessary, get up in between, do a dance break or spin around in a circle five times. At the end, you will get an overview of which relationships nurture you and which literally suck your energy. What does your chart look like? How is the ratio? How do you feel about the outcome? Allow yourself to feel the emotions.

3. Mucking

Our relationships are like a wardrobe: sometimes less is more. In addition: Above all, it is important that we nurture the relationships that give us energy and not the one that take it away from us. Now look at your „sucker“ relationships: Which of them can you quit easily? Let them go. For the others: What can you do to get more space into this relationship? Take a new sheet of paper and list the respective names with a clear action point next to it. Remember: every decision „against“ a relationship is also a decision for yourself. Then you turn the page and make a list of the shiner. Underneath or next to it you write five things, which you can do during the next week to bring more of these people in your life. Then add 5 more for the next month. After you have done this, take these action steps and put them in your calendar for October.

Put yourself first

Having such a deep look at our relationship can be very intense and even needs some time. It is important that you consistently keep your focus for the next four weeks until the next new moon. Like this, you do not only use the lunar energy, but also put your needs first. Putting yourself first, is the key to clear decisions and creating a life, you love. Let me know how you liked these steps.


Love & Light,