Sunset 918814_1920The new moon stands for the fresh start. It marks the beginning of a new cycle. From this moment on, the Moon becomes visible again. She manifests until she is seen in the sky as the round golden plate again.


The new moon is the perfect moment to invite new thing in your life. It is often helpful to become clear on what you want, already some days before the actual day. To know exactly what you want to manifest is not always easy. I have a place with a list, where I write down all the things crossing my manifestation mind. Some disappear from the list, some change over time. These can be material things, but also qualities such as patience and courage, or opportunities that will open up to me.

At the time of the new moon, I sit down and take a closer look at each point. I ask myself the following questions:

„Do I really want it?“

„Why is it good to have it?“

„How can I describe it more specific?“

The new moon invites us to take look inward. It marks the time of the void, the moment in which the old no longer exists and the new still doesn’t show up yet. It is  the moment of absolute darkness, from which all new can emerge. For some people, this uncertainty feels very uncomfortable. However, I see it as the moment in which everything is possible.


For your own new moon ritual you don’t need anything else than a clear intention. I always like to light a candle, to me it marks the ceremony space. Create a calm surrounding, take half an hour (or longer) for yourself, turn on some music and close your eyes to center yourself.  Then, you can take your intentions list and you focus on what you want to be birthed into this world with this new moon. You can write your wishes on small piece of paper, burn them, and thereby pass them on to the universe.


If you start doing your own rituals and ceremonies, check out what’s right for you. Pick smaller wishes that also might become visible more quickly. The more concrete, the better. Ask the universei for signs, such as a coin on the ground, an image of an animal of your choice or anything you like. Let yourself be inspired gladly by my new Moon ceremonies. Hang out with girlfriends and design a magical evening together, where you’re talking about your desires in life.

And when your wishes become reality, make sure you say thanks.

With love