Information regardng the content of the newsletter, the sending out and statistics

What content can I expect?

I am sending you inspirations tha supposevly help you to find you inner voice, listen to it better tha before and walking your own personal path. On top of that you will receive information about events and podcast episodes or blogpost – so you won’t miss the news. And I let you take a peak into my personal life as well.

How often is the SoulLetter send out?

The normal frequency is weekly, though the frequency might change due to topics, cosmic happenings and my personal development.

Usage of Mailchimp
The sending out of the newsletter is happening through „MailChimp„. Email addresses and some more information are stored with Mailchimp for sending out and analysing newsletters.
Double-Opt-In and Opt-Out
You will receive a so called Double-Opt-In-E-Mail, in which I am asking you to confirm your registration for the newsletter. You can cancel the reception of the newsletter at any time ( so calles Opt-Out). There is a link in every SoulLetter or the Double-Opt-In-E-Mail.
Statistics - for you
In order to optimize the newsletter I am checking how often it is opened by the readers and which links are clicked.
Privacy protection
In depth information about send outs, statistics and unsibscribing can be found in the privacy policy.